Local’s Guide to Waterfront Dining on St. Croix

Local’s Guide to Waterfront Dining on St. Croix

You didn’t come to St Croix to NOT have a waterfront view.  Whatever you’re doing–cooking, cleaning, walking the dog–it’s always better with that blue horizon and sea breeze. And waterfront dining is no exception. When paired with an endless view and a cool breeze that also keeps the bugs away, a meal has never tasted so good.
So we went ahead and did the incredibly strenuous work of researching the waterfront dining options on St Croix for you. Organized below by location—Christiansted, Frederiksted, North Shore, and East End—there’s a restaurant for every occasion. Or lack thereof.
So if you are celebrating a birthday, engagement, or just Friday, take advantage of the island life. 

Christiansted Waterfront Dining


Brew STX, Christiansted Boardwalk St. CroixBrew STX

Restaurant, bar, and Saint Croix’s only microbrewery, Brew STX sits in the middle of the Christiansted boardwalk. Enjoy classic pub food (with a few healthy options!) while watching the sailboats bob in Christiansted Harbor. Certain nights of the week Brew also has live music and the family-friendly Crab Races.

Shupes, Christiansted Boardwalk St. CroixShupe’s on the Boardwalk

Shupe’s on the Boardwalk is a one-stop shop for burgers, beer, and ice cream at prices that are hard to beat. It’s very casual dining, with mostly bar seating with a few tables overlooking Christiansted Harbor. The build-your-own burgers and wings are served in easy-travel paper bags. Shupe’s is also your spot for late night grub since it’s often the last place open on the boardwalk.

The Mill Boardwalk Bar & Brick Oven Pizza, Christiansted Boardwalk St. CroixThe Mill

If you have been on the Christiansted boardwalk you’ve probably smelled the Mill’s thin-crust pizza cooking.  The Mill‘s pizza is baked in a traditional brick oven imported from Italy, the chefs will even make it vegan and gluten-free if you ask nicely. It’s a great spot for people looking for something besides pub food and still want the waterfront view right downtown.

Angry Nates, Christiansted Boardwalk St. CroixAngry Nates

A St Croix favorite for breakfast or Sunday brunch (with complementary champagne!), Angry Nates specializes in seafood and big plates that keep you full all day. There’s lots of seating directly on the boardwalk or right inside with the windows wide open to the harbor breeze. Didn’t make it for breakfast? Don’t worry, they’re open for dining three meals a day, every day of the week.

Rum Runners, Christiansted Boardwalk St. CroixRum Runner’s

A local favorite for everything from family dinners to the afternoon drink, Rum Runner’s is about as close to the waterfront as you want to get. They offer a classic menu of American and Caribbean fare, known for its consistently fresh seafood. The dining area also opens to the northwest, so it’s a great spot to enjoy a famous St Croix sunset.

Deck Bar, Christiansted Boardwalk St. CroixDeck Bar

We couldn’t mention Rum Runner’s without mentioning it’s entry way/satellite bar. Deck Bar is the go-to hangout for many of the people who work downtown. Entirely wood, it’s built over the water, connecting Rum Runner’s to the boardwalk, so watch out for big swells! A fully-equipped bar, they also make paninis and nachos if you’re looking for something quick and easy.

Avocado Pitt, Christiansted Boardwalk St. Croix

Avocado Pitt

Hidden at the very end of the boardwalk by Fort Christiansvaern, the Avocado Pitt offers a classic breakfast and lunch menu. Very affordable dining on an island where food is always expensive, their food is sure to keep you full and happy. It’s also a great spot to get away from the bustle of the boardwalk. Be aware that there is limited seating, so it’s not recommended for large parties.

Frederiksted Waterfront Dining

Beachside Cafe, Frederiksted St. Croix

Beach Side Cafe at Sand Castle’s

Take your grandmother to brunch and your date to dinner at the Beach Side Cafe. Sitting right on the sand on the southwest end of Saint Croix, you can dip your toes in the water while your meal is prepared. But don’t get us wrong, this is far from a sandy beach bar. The open-air dining area is simple and elegant, the servers are charming, and the colorful American-Caribbean food is cooked to perfection.

Polly's at the Pier, Frederiksted St. Croix

Polly’s at the Pier

Polly’s at the Pier is the closest think you’ll find to a hip cafe on St Croix, but they are also so much more. Right across the street from the Frederiksted, Polly’s serves everything from fancy espresso drinks to ice cream to a full lunch and cocktail menu. The staff genuinely enjoys their work, and it reflects in amazing service. Stop by for a pick-me-up, stay for the ocean breeze.

Louie & Nachos, Frederiksted St. Croix

Louie & Nacho’s Beach Bar

Louie & Nacho’s Beach Bar is designed to help you enjoy the sunset and beautiful waterfront the right way. With a margarita in your hand and a taco in your belly. Sitting right above Turtle’s Deli in Frederiksted, the open-air bar and dining area has an second-story unbroken view of the western horizon. Grab a drink with friends or a meal with the family while enjoying the ocean breeze seven days a week.

Rhythms at Rainbow Beach, Frederiksted St Croix

Rhythms at Rainbow Beach

You really can spend the entire day at Rhythms, and many people do. Rent a jet ski, enjoy some ceviche, sip a frozen drink on the sand, then dance into the night! Rhythms is a Saint Croix favorite for it’s American-Caribbean pub food, full bar, and unbeatable waterfront location. On Sunday nights, local musician Kurt Schindler packs the dance floor, just steps away from the beach.

North Shore & Cane Bay Waterfront Dining

Eat @ Cane Bay, Cane Bay St. Croix

Eat @ Cane Bay

Right across the street from Cane Bay beach, Eat @ Cane Bay has the perfect combination of good food and “island vibe”. The menu consists of American fare mixed with Caribbean seafood classics, which are often caught the day before (or morning of) by local fisherman. The staff is also extremely friendly, they seem just as happy to be there as you are!

Flyers Bar & Grill, North Shore St. Croix

Flyers Bar & Grill

Located in the Salt River Marina (where Columbus tried to land on St Croix before being chased away by natives), Flyers Bar & Grill knows how to cook a fish. They have developed a loyal local following thanks to their amazing menu, awesome staff, and mouthwatering daily specials. A little raucous but still very family-friendly, this is your spot to get off the beaten path, and see where locals spend a night out.

The Waves, Cane Bay St. Croix

The Waves at Cane Bay

Looking for a classy, quiet evening enjoying a glass of wine and perfectly cooked steak? The Waves at Cane Bay has you covered. Just east of Cane Bay beach, this hidden gem sits right on the rocks above the breaking waves. It’s a perfect spot to admire the sunset with a glass of wine, then enjoy an exceptional meal in candlelight.

Off the Wall, Cane Bay St. Croix

Off the Wall

Off the Wall is both casual beach bar and family-friendly Caribbean waterfront restaurant. Entirely open-air, you can choose to sit at the bar or in the deck dining area. They have classic sandwiches and burgers along with pizzas made-to-order. And Tuesday nights there’s bingo, great for kids and overgrown kids alike.

Spratnet Beach Bar, Canebay St. Croix


Across the street is too far to walk? We understand, stay on right on Cane Bay beach and grab a bite to eat at Sprat Net. This bar and kitchen offers Crucian pub food like salt fish and fried pickles. The bartenders will make you feel like an old friend, chatting you the entire time you sit at the bar. Drive by on a weekend afternoon and you might get lucky, sometimes local reggae bands preform right there on the beach!

East End Waterfront Dining

Duggans Reef, East End, St. Croix

Duggan’s Reef

Newly reopened after it was severely damaged during Hurricane Maria, Duggan’s Reef is still going strong after 40 years. Sit right above the water on the deck, or in the dining room while enjoying fresh lobster, Caribbean-style fish, or a perfectly cooked steak. Reservations are recommended, and definitely worth it since Duggan’s is a Saint Croix favorite for special occasions, big parties, and even celebrities!
Deep End, East End, St. Croix

The New Deep End Bar & Grill

The Deep End, right by the Tamarind Reef Hotel, caters to locals and visitors alike with classic American food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only is it on the beach, but it’s also next to a pool, making it a great spot for the family to spend the entire afternoon. The large seating area is totally filled during their weekly events, like live music and bingo, so you know it must be good!
The Mermaid @ The Buccaneer, East End, St. Croix

The Mermaid at the Buccaneer

The Mermaid is as close as you can get to a fairy tale. A popular location for wedding receptions, the dining area is set back on the Buccaneer’s beautiful beach, looking out through the palms at the waves. The carefully crafted menu has something for everyone, and it’s a great spot for a party or family dinner. Make a reservation for Monday to make the night even more magical with a live fire dancing show with CoralFire!
These east-end restaurants don’t have beach access, but boast some of the best views on the island. Keep reading to find out where you can catch breath-taking sunsets, or see all the way to St Thomas!


Blue Water Terrace, East End, St. Croix

Blue Water Terrace

Blue Water Terrace, in Cotton Valley, does a little bit of everything. Sit down to enjoy some of their famous comfort food, or stop by to pick up picnic supplies like deli sandwiches and fresh produce. There’s even a coffee bar with espresso drinks and ice cream. And of course it all looks out over the Caribbean straight to Buck Island.

The Terrace @ The Buccaneer, East End, St. Croix

The Terrace at the Buccaneer

Perhaps one of the most elegant restaurants in St Croix, the Terrace at the Buccaneer Hotel will charm even the pickiest guest. Choose between the formal dining room or the casual Lounge with live music, while enjoying the same breath-taking view and exquisite menu. The fish is fresh, the meat perfectly cooked, and the sunset beyond words. Make a reservation before 6 to catch it.

Castaways, East End St. Croix


Right before Ziggy’s Island Market, there hides an open-air pub with a pool table and an ocean view. Castaways is come on, come all–including well-behaved dogs. Watch the game or the sunset with a beer and a pizza. Or if you prefer, they have salads, sandwiches, and burgers. If you’re feeling like a casual night out but still want a view, Castaways will take great care of you.